Feeding the Worms In A Worm Farm

Worms will not consume anything that they don’t regard as food. Does this sound strange? Well, afterall, it is a worm, and you’d think that they wouldn’t picky. But they do have instincts that keep them alive.

So, Worms, have to do what they need to do to exist, and by feeding them reasonably, in your worm farm, they will certainly do just that, and be around for quite a while. Plus, when a worm is fed, they will get to work and reproduce and create the organic soil that you were looking for as the final product. (Unless your raising night crawlers that is)

With that in mind, Learning about wormfood is largely a common sense issue. That is, unless you have no idea what-so-ever a worm would eat, and that is what this article is going to try and cover, in the shortest and most pointed way possible..

So for starters, you can feed worms (and must feed) worms from kitchen leftovers, or scraps, but never give them anything that is cooked. So food items like apple peels, and egg shells work fine.

You can feed them paper as well, and on a side remark, keep the worm farm damp and add a little water to moisten the worm farm at least once a week.

Also note when feeding them, they have no teeth and microscopic mouths. Keep this in mind when feeding your worms in your worm farm.

Think about your dog (if you had one) and if they had no teeth, you would want to cut the food really small so your dog would not choke to death, well, worms won’t choke per say, but they won’t eat the food either, mainly because they can’t, they have no teeth! So, if they can’t get the food into their bodies, they will not reproduce, or make urine for the VermiCompost.

Over the years, I have personally noticed that one of the biggest errors with Worm Farm Owners is they overfeed the worms in the worm farm. DO NOT Over feed them.

Wormfood is a very important part of any Worm Farm Adventure! Joining a small membership site about worm farms, or even getting a newsletter about worm farms will help your vastly!

So let’s go over just a few of the items worms like.

Moistened paper, such as newspapers, eggs shells and egg cartons, cardboard boxes, any raw uncooked vegetable, vacuum bag dust, used tea leaves, used tea bags, used coffee grounds, just to name a few. Sounds yummy?

That is the major list, but there are much more items you can feed worms, and we get some great examples every month from the newsletter we receive.

So, are worms picky? You bet they are.

Do not feed them anything high in protein or fiber, or any animal products like fish, meat, chicken. Feeding a worm some good ole chili is not a good idea either. Do not try and feed a worm rice that is not boiled or any type of dry food, they won’t take it. Rough garden clippings are not going to work either!

You can and should trick them if they are not eating, or when you introduce new food to them. You can do this by placing the food in a different locations, where no other food was placed before or recently, and/or move the box around which also works for some reason. This makes those finicky worms eat and do their job – and their job is to help you get your end result, which is typically VermiCompost.

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