Allergies And Scratching Relief For Pets

It is that time of the year again… allergies. Allergies are miserable for both people and animals. This year in Florida has been terrible. It seems everyone is sneezing, coughing, and having headaches and so on. Allergies and Scratching are an everyday miserable routine. Relief for pets can be found in food, vitamins, minerals, commercial medications, and herbal supplements.

The symptoms of allergies and scratching appear in dogs and cats with chronic scratching:

  1. Ears become inflamed and give off a terrible odor as the infection becomes worse.
  2. The skin is highly irritated, red and inflamed, has a terrible odor, and there is hair loss.
  3. Hair seems to be the enemy of my cocker spaniel for he is forever licking his paws. When I view his paws there is a buildup of flesh-colored powdery substance which seemingly is hot spots. He is chronically licking to subdue the itching or to help relieve infection. His hair is so fine that is acts as a thick netting for moisture and so the skin breaks down as well.
  4. It may be cute seeing your pet scoot across the flooring on his hind end, however, he is irritated in the anal area. You will also see him licking his anal area striving for relief.

You may wish to visit your veterinarian for immediate care for your pet by using commercial medications. You also need to be aware of any side effects of these medicines. The side effects may be more worrisome than the allergy itself.

If your pet has a chronic condition with allergies, another source to relieve symptoms is his foods. For my dog I turned to home cooked meals and raw meat and his symptoms are gone.

Allergies and scratching relief for pets can be found in supplements of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. These supplements are also a wonderful way to correct their nutrition and strengthen their immune system.

Most of us are very familiar with vitamins and minerals but are unsure about herbs. Keep in mind herbs have been around for centuries and they are the foundation of all medicines and foods.

You eat herbs, but you may not recognize it as such. For instance parsley, basil, celery, thyme, and garlic are very popular herbs used in every day cooking of meats, stews, and soups, as flavor enhancements which you eat on a daily or weekly basis. Many people consider parsley, basil, celery, thyme and garlic as common food ingredients never realizing that they are medicinal.

These herbs are used for many ailments. Here is one example for each herb to help you realize their value.

  • Parsley is a diuretic
  • Basil is for stomach cramps
  • Celery relieves arthritis inflammation
  • Thyme is great for respiratory problems
  • Garlic for poor digestion

Even though herbs have been around for centuries it is a new way of natural medication for our pets. If your pet, like mine, has been having trouble with commercial medications, it is worth using herb therapy supplements to aid in relieving their health problems.

After being a pet owner for many years I find that cats and dogs are no different from human beings. We seem to have the same health issues and are seemingly able to use the same herbs and medicines.

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