Reasons Why You Should Not Feed People Food to Your Pet

One of the responsibilities of pet parents is to see that their wards get healthy nutritious food suitable for their system and at the same time they are kept away from food items that are not meant for them.

But what are these items and why are certain items considered unsafe for our pets? Read on to find out.

The number one reason for not giving your pet “people food” is that it can be deadly for the animal. Onions and garlic used in condiments and meat gravies can be very harmful to cats. This is because these substances can destroy red blood cells in the animal.

Raw potatoes and tomatoes are harmful to felines as well. More than the fruit, it is the peel, leaves and the stem that should not be ingested as these can lead to severe gastrointestinal problems as well as urinary tract issues.

Chocolate is by far the most well-known example of people food that should never be given to cats and dogs as even a small amount can result in severe toxicity.

Ham is fatty food and is salty as well. The high fat content can lead to pancreatitis in cats and dogs. Also, the animal may experience gas. In order to quench its thirst after eating the salty pork, it may gorge itself with water. This can result in a painful and potentially fatal condition called bloat.

Bones are risky. Cooked chicken bones become brittle and can splinter inside the pet’s mouth causing injury. Or these can get stuck in the gastrointestinal tract of the animal and cause internal festering.

Apple cores are not usually favored by pets but if ingested can prove harmful as they contain cyanogenic glycosides.

Along with people food, it is important to not feed your pet anything that you would not eat – for example, moldy food items. These can lead to food poisoning in the animal.

Dogs can tolerate milk but cats not necessarily so. Cats are often lactose-intolerant. They cannot digest milk sugars. This can cause stomach upsets with the animal. Fatty milk products such as butter and cheese can cause pancreatitis.

Keep the animal away from your cigarettes and cigars. Do not offer them to your pet even in jest. You never know, the pet may decide to chew upon a cigarette going against its own animal volition. This can lead to nicotine poisoning.

Keep the animal away from fermentable food items, for example dough. Dough can ferment inside the pet’s stomach, release gases and cause bloat. Alcohol released as a byproduct of fermentation can cause alcohol poisoning.

The difficulty faced by most pet owners is that very often their pets become inveterate tramps pulling long faces when you are eating food. Dogs will whine and cats are capable of letting out most uncat-like sounds when they know that it’s fried fish that you’re having. You have to get them out of this habit for their own sake. See to it that they get their treats every now and then so that they don’t eye table scraps greedily.

Instill disciplined eating habits in your pet for its own benefit. This can be a life-saving attitude to adopt. And do consider taking out a pet insurance policy because accidents have a way of happening in spite of our best precautions. Besides, age-related conditions are unavoidable.

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