Touch Therapy and Massage for Your Pet

Touch therapy for people and animals – a deeper connection

Just like humans, animals touch their young a great deal from birth. We all, all-living creatures, benefit from touch from the time we are born until the time we die.

Linda Tellington-Jones (call TTouch) helped massage become a valuable component of equestrian care, while also contributing and widening the knowledge of hands-on care to a broader animal population. There are 20-plus hand positions combined with various tempos and pressures. Animal massage has grown considerably in the USA since its emergence within the horse community in the 1960s and 1970s. This has helped the massage paths between humans and animals converge and relate to the same value in touch.

Massage therapists, veterinarians, and animal owners are all becoming more aware of how many benefits an animal can get with touch. We need to understand some of the benefits of touch with animals; it can help the animals in so many ways. Its especially important to educate yourself if they are injured, healing or just needing some loving attention.

As you approach an injured or scared animal you must approach slowly with respect, mindfulness and an open palm to the sky, as if you are holding the trust and their heart in your hand. Children have been learning this more in the last decade as animal awareness and education has increased. With an open palm (as you approach) it is the less dominating way to approach a dog or cat. This is important for children as well as adults to learn, so the animal does not feel threatened.

Tuning into your silent “receiver” (the animal) with your heart is the first connection you can make. Move at a slow approach and gentle pace while silently communicate with your body language, “Can I come toward you?” Be patient, breathe, it may take a bit of time for the trust to build as you move your body closer to them.

Being present and mindful are the two major keys in touch therapy.

When you are giving your pet a massage, start off with this mindfulness. Send the love through your heart and imagine it leaving through your hands to the animal.

Gently place your hands on the animal. Your pet will feel your intention and energy behind your approach and most likely be more open to you. Touch your pet like you would want to be touched if you were sick, injured or just wanting a massage for your health. After 3-5 minutes of gentle touch you will be able to assess what pressure you can apply. Sometimes, just the laying of hands and the energy exchange is all an injured animal can take. Small, slow, light circles of touch over the heart area can be very soothing. Remember, it’s the love coming through your hands that is the connection.

If your pet has just come out of surgery their sensations may be more alert. Remember, their bodies are working hard to heal and a still hand may be all they want at first. Think of your hand as the balancing of the activity that is going on internally in their body. Open your heart, look at them with your eyes and talk with them. Even though you may think they cannot understand your words, they do “get it” vibrationally. Trusting that connection through touch therapy and with that communication will deepen your bond with the animal.

The techniques of touch are communicating cellular rejuvenation. On a cellular level it helps reduce pain, fear and that helps reduce inflammation, which is usually the ache in the body as it is going through the healing process. This is the massage therapist’s intention behind their touch with humans, as well.

Touching your Pet will be of great benefit on a physical, emotional and Spiritual connection for you and for your pet. Touch is a powerful connection.

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