Boarding Your Pet For Vacation

Summer is here! It’s time to put away that winter wardrobe and bring out the shorts and bathing suits and enjoy. Summer is a time for relaxing and for most of us, we have planned to get away to do so. With vacation plans in the works or perhaps you have already packed your bags and have your itinerary all typed out; what do you have planned for your pets while you’re away? While most of your summer fun may include your pets, leaving home should not be one of them that do. Your pet can be most comfortable at the boarding kennel when you leave home. Boarding your pet is an excellent way for them to go on their own “vacation” and you can be sure they will be cared for and loved while you are away from them. You can simply relax and fully enjoy your vacation resting assured that your veterinary hospital is taking excellent care of your animals.

A veterinary hospital can take care of all your boarding needs so your animal will eat, play, and exercise barely noticing that you’ve left! You may be thinking about taking your cat or dog with you on vacation this year but this limits your hotel choices as well as the activities you can do on vacation. The last thing I want to do on vacation is worry about my pet, having to rush back to the hotel every couple hours to make sure they are ok. Not to mention they are like having another person with you with the entire luggage of food, dishes, leashes, litter boxes, beds, or pee pads that you need to bring along.

Boarding can be a much better solution because a veterinary hospital is closer to home meaning no long car or plane rides and their routine can be maintained. Perhaps you are thinking of leaving your pet with a friend or relative entrusting that they will have the time and know how to care for them. But pets often escape or can become ill which is why you will rest at ease if you leave them in the care of a knowledgeable staff that specializes in the needs of boarded animals. Do not spend anymore of your precious summer worrying about what to do with your animals when you need to leave home, a veterinary hospital can be the perfect place to board your furry friends while you are away!

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