Custom Pet Memorial Markers

The loss of a pet is a very emotional experience. Some people have a tendency to love their pet as if it was their child and the grieving process may be just as painful. To honor and remember that love, special pet gravestones can be bought and customized depending upon your wishes for where you choose to place your pet’s remains. They are in most cases made from slate, marble, stone, or granite.

A lot of the choice as to the material chosen depends upon the location where it will be placed. They usually are found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Stone is an excellent choice for markers placed outside and many people love the paw-print shapes that are beautiful in a garden location. For those that will be kept inside, a decorative stand is a nice choice.

Besides pet gravestones many individuals wish to remember the life of their pet with other kinds of keepsakes. Some of the most popular are pendants, portraits and ornaments. Pendants and ornaments are generally designed to have a tiny amount of your pet’s ashes. Ornaments are perfect to place on a mantle or display with other cherished memories.

Portraits can be created as sketches, paintings, and are often done in stained glass. Several artists who use oils or acrylics will mix a portion of your pet’s ashes into their paint and use it to create the picture on the canvas. For stained glass portraits the artist uses a picture of your pet to replicate it on the glass. These are all suggestions to build beautiful, lasting memories.

Many pet owners choose to have their pets cremated. They are able to spread the ashes or bury them in the garden if that is the location they choose for the marker. Along with beautiful pet gravestones there’s also a great number of selections for urns. They could be custom designed in resources such as wood, glass, or ceramic.

The way in which a pet owner chooses to grieve is a really individual emotion. The main thing should be to remember the life of a pet in a fashion that will reflect their personality and show how much they were loved. The feelings will be long lasting thus making you smile as you look back on all the great times you enjoyed together.

A few pet owners decide to include poetry on their pet gravestones. Several businesses have poems already constructed and in addition offer the opportunity to permit an owner to write their own. It’s also possible to have a poem or song composed specifically for your pet. You merely answer a couple of questions and your customized message will be created.

There is such a good variety of keepsakes available to honor and remember your special pet. These are excellent options to aid the grieving process and find personal peace and closure. Markers, jewelry, pictures, and keepsakes all symbolize the love you shared. A very popular poem called Rainbow Bridge is a poem that offers comfort and ease and enables individuals look ahead to seeing their loving pet in their next life.

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