Checking Out Your Local Pet Kennels

If your pets feel like your children to you, you want to know that they have the very best. Though you would like to spend each and every moment of the day with them, there are going to be some times when you can not take them with you no matter how badly you wish it were otherwise. Some people are lucky in that they have friends and family to help, but that is not always the case. There are great pet kennels out there that can give your pet a temporary home while you are away or while you can not care for them. Just make sure you check things out first so you know your precious pet is happy and healthy.

Pet kennels have been around for a long time, and some of them can be problematic. You should never assume there are problems with an established business in your area, but you should also not assume that everything is as it should be. Animals can not talk and tell you if they were not happy, if something bad happened, or if they were lonely while you were gone. Instead, you have to find out about the quality of the pet kennels you are considering so you make the best match possible between the owners and your pet. This is very important for the well-being of your beloved.

Never send your cats or dogs to stay in any pet kennels without visiting first on your own. You should be shown all areas of the kennel so that you can be sure each is up to your standards. You should look for cleanliness and space so that your pets can move around. It stands to reason that they will have a crate or cage of their own for when they are sleeping, but they do need to have exercise. If you don’t see any area for running and playing in pet kennels, ask about exercise. Some walk the dogs many times a day, which can make up for some loss of space for short stays.

You also want to see that all areas of the pet kennels are clean. There is always going to be some animal smell in any place like this, but it should not be overwhelming. You should not see any dog or cat feces laying around. You should also see a well lit and pleasant area for your pets, along with enough staff to handle the pets that they are currently housing and caring for. You should also find out about veterinarian care in the event of an emergency. Some will call your veterinarian and some have one they use. Find out before choosing among your pet kennels and care options.

Pet kennels don’t have to be palaces, but they do have to be clean, fun, and safe. You can not go on a vacation and worry about your pet. You may worry a little, as that is quite normal, but you should not fear that they are not safe. The last thing you need is to worry that your pet is being neglected or abused in pet kennels while you are out or away. Think of choosing a kennel like choosing a preschool for your child. Never settle for anything that makes you feel uneasy or that seems wrong. If your gut tells you there is a problem, there usually is, so heed that warning and move on.

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