How to Properly Choose a German Shepherd Puppy

Some things to look for when choosing a German shepherd puppy are hair color and texture, no missing teeth, erect ears, a black nose, and confidence. The standard colors of a German shepherd are tan and black. Other colors are red and black, all black, sable, blue, liver and white. The American kennel club considers blue, liver and all white dogs to be a serious flaw. If the parents are on site, check to see that their ears stand up straight. Look for intelligent eyes and choose the puppy that stays in the background and is calm and submissive.

Selecting the right puppy for yourself begins far before seeing the puppies. One should select a litter versus selecting a puppy. It is by finding a sire and dam that possess the traits you would like your future dog to have that gives you the best opportunity for finding “the perfect puppy.” It is important to consider the activities that you would like to do with your dog. For instance, are you interested in obedience or field trials? Would you like to compete in herding events? Understanding what you would like to do with your dog will provide you with criteria for evaluating the sire and dam of a new litter of puppies. Calling local breed clubs is an excellent idea for help in finding a breeder that produces dogs which will line up with your interests.

German shepherds have an excellence sense of smell, are intelligent, loyal, and brave and if they are well trained, they will be confident and calm. Dogs, like wolves, crave a strong leader who will protect the pack. When a human brings a dog into the home, the dog’s loyalty to the human pack begins.

If the puppy senses the human is weak, he will take upon himself the responsibility to lead the pack. This causes the puppy to be unhappy. He will be anxious and can become aggressive, because he’s trying to get the humans to obey him. When they won’t obey, such as when they leave for school or work, or they don’t respect him, the puppy is afraid and his behavior can become unacceptable to humans. Crying, chewing inappropriate objects, growling and barking and refusing to be potty trained are all behaviors of a poorly trained puppy.

Aggressiveness and jumping onto humans and running in front of them when they walk are signs that the puppy is feeling tremendous pressure to protect the human. Many dogs are in shelters because the humans didn’t understand their duty to be the leader of the pack.

Now go out there and have fun selecting from all of those beautiful German shepherd puppies.

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