Why Frontline Plus?

Fleas and ticks are a common problem if you have pets at your home. Controlling fleas can be quite challenging because they multiply very fast and can be found every where from a cushion to a carpet to the corners of your house. If not controlled, fleas can lead to bigger problems because of their ability to reproduce very fast. According to Doyourownpestcontrol.com, for every single adult flea in your home, there are bound to be 10 eggs, 7 larvae and 2 cocoons. An effective flea control program or treatment like frontline plus for killing fleas and ticks and preventing their infestation.

Need for Frontline Plus

The presence of fleas and ticks is quite dangerous for both your pet as well as your home. They can cause a lot of irritation to your pets and even harm them and make them irritable. An effective flea control program should not only eliminate existing adult fleas on pets, but also work to eliminate larval fleas that develop off the animal. This is possible through use of Frontline Plus which is a monthly topical flea and tick preventative for both dogs and cats. Traditionally various types of shampoos and powders have been used by the pet owners to control fleas. However, such products need to be used very frequently and still are not effective the flea problem fully. Topical treatments like Frontline plus have emerged as good solutions for getting rid of this problem.

What is Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus is a non prescription flea control treatment that allows you to keep your pets flea free and thus happy. This product contains Fipronil, a broad spectrum insecticide that disrupts the central nervous system of the fleas and tick. Frontline Plus also contains an insect growth regulator S-methoprene that kills the flea eggs and larvae. This treatment is quite effective against all stages of the brown dog tick, the American dog tick, the lone star tick and the deer tick, the major carriers of Lyme disease.

The treatment is recommended for cats and dogs which are at least eight weeks of age. Frontline Plus is highly beneficial since:

  • It kills all the existing fleas on your pet within 18 hours
  • Each application protects your pet dog or cat for a period of one month
  • It is also useful in controlling sarcoptic mange infections
  • It is waterproof and can even be used for pets that swim
  • It is also capable of killing ticks and chewing lice.

For best results, certain precautions need to be taken while using frontline plus. These include:

  • Storing the product in a cool and dry place and not refrigerating it
  • The product should not be shifted to any other container
  • The original container should not be reused and instead thrown after the application
  • The product needs to be applied between the shoulder blades of your pet dog or cat so that it can not lick it away.

Pet owners should be aware that Frontline Plus can cause some temporary irritation to the pet at the site of its application. In case the irritation persists for a longer time, one should get in touch with a veterinarian immediately.

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