Why Pet ID Tags Are So Important

Pets play such a huge role in our lives these days that they are often referred to as ‘part of the family’. Whether you have Chihuahua or German Shepherd Dog, the love they provide is something all pet owners treasure. The thought of our beloved pet getting lost is something that sends shivers down our spine. We hate the thought of our cherished pet being out there alone, unfed and at the hands of mercy.

Sometimes your pet will roam beyond the safety of your garden or a gate may mistakenly be left open. Whatever the situation, finding out your pet is missing is very upsetting and could possibly place your pet in a dangerous situation.

There is a way that could possibly help ease the stress at times like these; knowing that your pet is wearing a Pet ID Tag that includes all of its vital details. You can even have two or three if you can’t fit all of the information onto one tag. A stranger can use the information on these tags and hopefully reunite you with your pet before any harm can come to it.

When you decide to make the commitment of getting a pet you are agreeing to keep this pet safe. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to get them a Pet Dog ID Tag. Any responsible dog owner will always refer to the laws covering dogs in public places. Current rules state that any dog in a public place must wear a tag or collar with the owner’s name, address and postcode on it. A telephone number is advisable. If there is room leave a mobile phone number as well. If your pet is chipped, it is also a good idea to include ‘I’m Chipped’ on the tag.The best way to think about it is if your dog was found by a stranger, what would you want your dog to be saying? A Dog Tag is your dog’s way of communicating.

Dog Tags these days do not need to be a boring, plain engraved tag. There are many cool, unique designs out there which make the tag a fashion accessory as well as a safety mechanism. You can choose from a military style camo design or a Union Jack Flag. The designs are endless. Engraving is also become very ’20th century’, with printed tags becoming more and more popular. These tags are 100% waterproof, made to last and so stylish.

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