Animal Communication – Building Deeper Understanding With Our Pets

The idea of communication with animals has developed rapidly in recent years, there are many courses being taught and many people putting themselves forward as practitioners. This is a report of an incident several years ago which demonstrates that some animals (a dog in this case) really like to make their feelings known, and that those feelings are far more subtle than we may have previously thought. There was a seminar taking place in the UK with a very experienced animal healer called Elizabeth Whiter, and about thirty people were attending the event. This was a hands-on seminar with some of Elizabeth’s own animals. As an attendee I was invited to bring my seven month old puppy, an Alaskan Malamute, rather than leave him at home for a long day.

From the start he was encouraged to be loose in the big room where the seminar was taking place, needless to say I had great trepidation as to what he might do. Elizabeth, however, was completely confident that he would behave himself staying with her and enjoying her healing energy. To the amazement of everyone there that was exactly what happened, he laid quietly most of the time just getting up occasionally and walking around but returning to her each time.

As we discussed different aspects of healing, and entered into meditation, he turned his head and looked at a lady behind him. He did this a couple of times then got up and went over to her, we were told to let him be and finally he climbed on her lap and put his paws around her neck. The lady started to cry and cuddled him back, apparently her dog had died and she was not in a position to have another dog for the foreseeable future. How did he know that she needed comforting?

Our day continued and my pup had to be restricted whilst we had a lovely session of healing with horses and some guinea pigs, but as soon as we were back in the hall he was invited back in; and once again stayed in the centre with Elizabeth. As the day was drawing to a close Elizabeth said to me “do you have other dogs or pets,” I replied that I did, three older dogs. “And do you live in more than one property” she asked, and again I replied that it was correct, sometimes I was at my bungalow but mostly in the flat above my pet shop. She then said ” your dog is telling me that he does not like it when we all go to the other place because you are unhappy”. This was true, I had not settled in the bungalow and didn’t like being there, the area was not particularly friendly and all my dogs preferred being in the flat over the shop. Whilst at the bungalow they were noisy and unsettled, at the flat they were quiet and relaxed, how weird is that?

In 2008 I attended a workshop for animal communication and took along a photograph of my boy, now about four years old, as we practiced with photographs of each others pets, those people communicating with my boy had no problems making the mental contact; at one point he communicated that he was a bit hungry and I looked at the clock to see that it was feed time, a quick phone call home sorted that out.

It does seem that the animal has to be willing to make the communication as there was one occasion when he did not want to make contact with the person concerned, who was herself an experienced healer and communicator. It is also worth noting that animals respond mainly to feelings rather than words and should always be regarded as animals not substitute humans, the dog that I have written about is a normal, happy canine doing all the things that dogs do.

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