Dwarf Hamster Care in Five Steps

1. Choose the right dwarf hamster

You must take into consideration the age of the owner, and what responsibilities he or she is about to take on. Decide what the goal of having this pet is. Do you want a creature to pet and cuddle? Perhaps you want a creature that you are free to simply watch. Some types of dwarf hamsters fare better in pairs or groups. The Syrian hamster is a loner. How many hamsters will you care for at once?

2. Choose the right cage

“Escape Artist” is an appropriate nickname for a dwarf hamster. They can free themselves through the smallest of openings. A cage that is designed for a larger animal will be no challenge for a dwarf. A larger cage is always better. How much space do you have set aside for this pet? The animal must be kept away from direct sunlight, out of drafts, away from heat sources, and in a location where it will not disturb your family members who will want to sleep at night.

3. Choose the right accessories

Dwarf hamsters need to run. They also need to be able to hide. You will need to provide your dwarf with a suitable wheel – one that is large enough and that has a solid surface. The animal will also expect a cave. This will be a place where your dwarf hamster will be free to curl up and hide; when he is resting, your pet will have an expectation that it will not be disturbed. You can and should provide your pet with objects to climb on and in, but you must also make sure that it can fall no more than 12 inch (30 cm). You must also realize that smooth tubes are not easy to climb. Your precious pet ought to have branches or sticks to hold onto inside such tubes.

4. Don’t choose the wrong accessories

Hamster balls and hamster cars are not for a hamster’s enjoyment. They may entertain you, and they certainly make money for the companies who create and market them; but they are not beneficial for your pet. A dwarf hamster must be free to come and go as he pleases. Being trapped inside a car or a ball does not give him this right. Your pet must have adequate air to breathe at all times, have access to water and food always, and, of course, ready access to his toilet. Do not ever put your beloved pet inside a contraption that prevents his access to any of these.

5. Devote attention and time

When you raise a snake, you don’t need to visit it every day; nor do you need to feed it daily. A dwarf hamster is much more like a canine in these aspects. It will expect free access to water. It will expect food to be delivered at the same time every day, and will expect to have playtime every day. Once it gets used to your voice, it will expect to hear it every day. You cannot neglect your hamster for days at a time. If you are not going to be there, then you must get someone else to provide it companionship while you are away.

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