How to Track Animal Energy After Pet Loss Over the Rainbow Bridge Into RE-Life Through Reincarnation

Pet loss doesn’t have to be permanently devastating and agonizing. Animal reincarnation provides a new spiritual and factual perspective for pet loss grief support. As a new resource for pet loss grief support, reincarnation focuses on the prospect of RE-life that inspires hope!

Every living being has a specific vibrational frequency. Every organ in the body has an individual frequency. In a healthy condition the human body resonates between 68 to 72 MHz. Animal’s have a lower frequency range. Both types of beings can be “sensed” by an intuitive that has the ability and training to read multiple band width frequencies within physical bodies. Most intuitive practitioners specialize in humans or animals because of their familiarity with that specific species energy field.

Tracking, following or charting an animal’s energy field from his current physical state whether healthy or deceased is the process that allows a reader to determine if an animal’s energy blueprint can be found in the future. This is THE determining factor in knowing if your pet will reincarnate.

First a practitioner must locate an animal’s current energy field, whether on earth or on the other side. If the pet is alive and preparing for transition, tapping into their energy field is relatively easy. Always be sure to ask the pet’s soul for permission to access and read their energy field.

If the animal is deceased, it is still best to ask to interface with the living energy that is now without a physical form, in order to maintain the integrity of a clean assessment. Once the reader has obtained permission, they should proceed to following the animal’s energy track.

Many pet psychics and mediums rely on intuitive insight and the animal communication exchange rather than following an animal’s energy into the future. Other animal and interspecies communicators also rely on their sensory information to provide details of reincarnation.

The most reliable form of knowledge is provided by actually watching an animals’ life force energy field morph from their current physical form up to and through their physical body’s transition and into the future, a process used by all AMIDI (Animal Medical Intuitive Diagnosis) professionals. If the animal’s energy tracks into a future physical form then reincarnation will occur within the timeframe viewed by the AMIDI practitioner. Even if a living soul enters their reincarnation through the actual birth process, the AMIDI animal reading can also identify and discern a pet’s energy field within its future Mother’s womb and follow that spirit into its earth form.

If future energy is not discernable within the timeline the pet reader is using, most likely that the animal is not going to reincarnate. Setting the timeline you want to examine is imperative to receive correct information. Once the new reincarnated body is identified, it is easy for an AMIDI energy reading to describe what that new physical being looks like and many of the specific identifying characteristics of its new body.

The principle of reincarnation has been a belief system since ancient Egyptian, Hindu and Buddhist philosophies in 3000 BC. AMIDI animal readings that track animal energy document that pet reincarnation has come a long way. This “new” Pet Loss grief support perspective is the future for igniting hope!

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