Hamsters As Pets – What You Must Prepare For

Has it ever crossed your mind to maintain hamsters as pets? With luck, it is hoped that the present commentary could resolve many of your queries.

For starters, both a pooch and a pussycat need lots of extra room as compared to hamsters as pets. As far as living quarters go, they only need a designated area that is the size of a fresh water fish tank. The major caution is that the cage must be kept away from drafts and heat sources, and out of direct sunlight. For people who live in a townhome or a small flat, hamsters can make spectacular pets.

You must invest time to keep hamsters as pets. It will probably take the same amount of time as caring for a dog. Every day, you ought to provide food and water to your pets. Habitually, the toilets must be cleaned. Expect to provide your pets with a routine of playtime that lasts at least an hour each day. Also, you will discover that the hamsters will need for you to clean their home each week.

Expect that it will cost you approximately the same to care for your hamsters as it would for any other type of pet. Although the animal is inexpensive, the cage and supplies will take their toll. You will need to put 2 to 4 inches of bedding material at the bottom of the cage. Your hamster will eat about a teaspoon of food a day. Though hamsters are generally healthy, nothing is guaranteed. It is important that you set aside money for infrequent trips to the vet.

Hamsters as pets may not be amenable to handling. Because of generations of breeding, the Syrian hamster is the most tame species. Dwarf hamsters are less domesticated because they have not been held in captivity as long as the Syrian. Rather than being handled by their caretakers, the dwarf hamsters prefer to play “on” their human owners. In addition to being able to fit into tiny spaces, dwarf hamsters are quick. As a result, you have to take precautions so that your dwarf does not escape. You will also need a plan to catch it in the event of an escape.

Once your hamster is used to you being around, it will be distressed if you leave him for long periods of time. A hamster can get used to his keeper’s presence just like a dog can. For this reason do not leave a hamster alone in your house for more than a few days at a time.

Hamsters are unable to tolerate hot temperatures. They live underground where it is continuously cool. You must have air conditioning if you live in a climate where it will get warm. Whereas you may be able to suffer through days of 85° F (30°C), this temperature can kill your hamster.

The last thing to know about keeping hamsters as pets is that hamsters are nocturnal or crespuscular. This means that they are most active during the nighttime or during the early morning and at sunset. As a result plan to interact with them during these times. Finally, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort, hamsters do make wonderful pets.

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