Why Are Pet ID Cards So Valuable?

Pet lovers are well aware of the despairing feeling you experience whenever your puppy, grown up dog or cat gets lost. It is incredible how much we care about our four legged friends! If you have a pet and would like to take extra care of him, then this article is right for you, especially if you are a dog owner and you love taking your four legged friend with you on trips or if you leave him at a kennel from time to time.

Have you ever considered providing your dog with an ID card? A small, home made identifying device can be that extra mile you run that can help you keep your dog safe. ID badges are extremely popular nowadays. Almost all of us wear them hanging from our neck or clipped on the our trouser belt or pocket and they allow us to enter our offices or access our company’s IT network.

Providing your pet with a Pet ID card can really make your life much easier. There are some pre made pet ID cards that you just fill in with your pet’s information but you can always make them yourself in a quite effortlessly manner.

These pet identifying devices should include all the information about your pet that either the authorities might need to identify him in case he gets lost or the owner of the kennel might need in case of an emergency or if it gets lost. Therefore, you should not forget to include: a recent picture of your dog, age, size, colour, any allergies he may have, any chronic condition he may suffer from, medications he takes, vet’s name and phone number, your name and phone number, breed and, if he has one, his microchip number.

You can easily create your pet ID card using quality paper, design software and a card printer. It is highly advisable that you laminate the card so that you make it more durable and able to resist the daily tear and wear. If you have a card printer or if you know someone that can lend you one, you can create your own pet ID card with the help of the card software that comes with your card printer.

You should take your pet ID card with you and keep it in a safe place whenever you travel with your pet. If he gets lost, you can easily use the card to write notices in the neighborhood or to provide all the necessary information to the local authorities.

When you take your dog to the kennel, you should leave the card to the kennel owner so that he can act accordingly in case of an emergency.

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