Toys For All Dogs

As many of you may know, owning a dog is a huge responsibility. It takes time, money, hard work and dedication. As a dog owner myself I understand the need and use of dog toys. If you purchase a puppy you will have to go through all the wonderful stages of a maturing dog. One of those stages being the chewing stage. There are several reasons a dog will chew some of them include:

* Excess energy – when a dog gets board laying around the house and has nothing to do they will usually find something to chew on as a form of entertainment and a way to release excess energy. Unfortunately if you don’t provide an alternative your dog will most likely target your personal belongings (shoes, belts, couch, chair, carpet…) replacing all of these items can get rather expensive. One way to avoid such a situation is to give your dog something else to chew on like a dog toy.

* Developing teeth- between three and six months of age your puppy will begin to loss his puppy teeth and develop new teeth this can be painful and your dog will look for something to chew on to lessen the discomfort. Providing a chew toy will give your puppy a way to lessen the discomfort without sacrificing your personal belongings.

* Play- All dogs love to play. I have three dogs and when they play they will grab what ever is available and start the biggest game of tug-a-war you can imagine. If your pillow, shoe, or hat happen to be the unfortunate victim of this game you can kiss it goodbye. This is when a rope toy would come in handy. A rope toy can not only handle the abuse but your dogs will enjoy it as well.

Once your dog is out of the puppy stage and matures he will still have a need for dog toys and so will you. When you leave for work everyday your dog will be home alone. This will not only cause your dog to have some stress but it will also leave your dog with nothing to do. Dog toys will also provide you wit a way to interact with your dog that is enjoyable to both you and your dog.

This will take your relationship with your dog to a whole new level. It will allow you and your dog to create a bond and develop the trust required to create a long lasting partnership. Over time your dog will look to you for leadership which is the ultimate goal between you and your dog.

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