Chinchilla Care – Keeping Chinchillas As Pets

Chinchillas are fantastic to have as pets. If chinchillas are cared for properly they can live as long as twenty five years, but usually live to be about fifteen years old. That is perfect for people that really like having smaller pets in their homes.

Chinchillas are rather small like a little dog or a medium sized rabbit. They can be kept in small areas if you use taller cages with several climbing levels to it. Anyone can have many years of enjoyment from them including children.

Chinchilla care is rather easy as well. You need to get a cage and use wood chips for their bedding. You should also give your chinchilla some time out of it’s cage. Be careful and watch them like a hawk because they love hiding and can be really hard to locate.

One thing that’s a nice aspect about having chinchillas as pets is that they sleep during the day. This makes them great pets because most people aren’t home during the day anyway. So, children will have something to play with when they come home from school.

Pet chinchillas are great entertainment when you play with them, or just fun to watch when they’re playing. You can train chinchillas too. However, it’s going to be hard, so you need to watch them very carefully if they are out of their cages. Also, keep them away from dogs and cats. They are perfect pets for places that wont allow large animals.

Chinchillas like to hide in their cage, so give them things like large tubes or some kind of box with a hole cut in the side. They need these things, so get a cage that is big enough for it. The wood chips used for their cage must be non-treated, because chinchillas like to chew and need to chew.

Chinchillas are pretty clean pets, but they do need their dust baths to get the oils out of their fur. You can get the dust at most pet stores or purchase it online. They will take baths a few times a week. Make sure you follow the instructions on the back, but it’s very simple. If you would like to groom them you can get combs in pet stores for your chinchilla.

When you get chinchillas as pets most people like to get a chinchilla baby, so they can get use to it’s owner and get use to being held. They may bite you if you scare them, so get them use to their new environment and their new owner as soon as you possibly can.

They are little soft and cuddly, and when you start holding and playing with them early, you might get a loving pet that will give you years of companionship. I personally like getting ones that are a little older. No matter what your age is or the chinchillas, they can make an amazing pet. Chinchilla care is easy to do and they will be a great pet for a long time.

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