Health Benefits of Pets: Reduce Blood Pressure With the Love of a Pet

Our pets are not living as long or as well as they really could. A study done by the Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine showed only 7% of dogs that were seen by animal hospitals were considered healthy. And that’s after they take away the chief complaint, the broken leg, the dermatitis, the heat, whatever the case may be. It makes me think what the same stat is for humans – probably about the same. They did the same study for cats, and found only 10% of cats were considered healthy.

You have to ask, why are so few of our pets considered to be healthy? One answer is that pets live closer to the toxins in our environment. If you’ve ever seen a picture of LA, with all the pollution that’s in the air, when it’s high up in the atmosphere, it’s thin, but as it gets closer to the ground, it gets darker and darker, which means it gets more concentrated.

That’s the way it is in our homes. And most of the particulate matter is in the bottom 18 inches of our home. Our pets are under a continuous and ongoing heavier toxic load than we are as humans, because we stand above the fray. And that’s what tends to go into our pets. The kidney and the liver are trying to filter the toxins circulating around their environment.

When you choose a pet, you accept the gift of life from puppy-hood to senior-petizen. This is about having a long relationship with your pet. There are lifestyles you can choose for your pet that will help them to live longer lives. When you increase the quality of your pet’s life, by default, you increase the quantity of your pet’s life.

If you don’t have a strong human-animal bond with your pet, then you’re probably not going to do what it takes for optimum wellness of your pet. The way we experience the human-animal bond as far as I’m concerned is the unconditional love we have with our pets.

Another way we experience that human-animal bond is the healing power of pets. The American Heart Association did a study and found that in the first 10 seconds of you petting your pet, your blood pressure drops by over 10 points. They also found that people who have pets, if they have open-heart surgery, in excess of 80% more are alive 5 years later if they have a pet.

We know people will do more for their pets than they will for themselves, so it doesn’t matter if they had their chest cracked open for open-heart surgery. They will get out of bed to make sure their dog or cat is fed, that it’s watered. They will walk that dog sooner than if they did not have a pet and they had to go walk because it’s part of the therapy to get over their surgery.

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