How to Look After a Grooming Clipper

A hard working groomer uses their clipper for several hours a day – most days. Like people, after lots of hard work, they get tired and need refreshing. Without a small amount of care our clippers, like us, will grind to a painful halt! You can maintain useful life of a clipper without expensive repair bills with a few moments at the end of every clip.

Following best practice and manufacturer guidelines is always the first place to start. If you use a clipper contrary to its intended use then you can expect problems in a very short amount of time. Some groomers see fit to block filters, expose to excessive amounts of clipper blade wash, fit clippers with the wrong fuse and other detrimental habits. You must use the clipper according to the book!

Fitting you clipper with the correct fuse is essential. Some people fit clippers with any old fuse. The fuse blows when an excessive amount of current tries to flow through it. This can save electronic components from damaged and prevents overheating, and in severe cases, cause a fire. Most portable clippers have a 3A fuse, but you must check the handbook before replacing the fuse.

Filters should be removed at the end of a clip. When fur is clipped it clogs the filters which stops airflow. Stagnant air gets hotter and hotter, thus metal parts expand, causing excess friction and wear. This is a destructive cycle and if not remedied will mean death before time. A compressor is ideal but given that not many people have one a hearty blow should clear a removed filter no problem. Filters should then be e-fitted.

Wrapping a cable around a clipper will eventually cause the wires inside the cable to fracture where the grommet is. Looping the cable and holding it in place with an elastic band is the best/most convenient way to store a cable.

Periodically removing the face plate or head of the clipper and making sure the gears are greased is advisable. This is not hard to do, but if you cannot do this yourself you should send the clipper to a competent clipper blade sharpening company that also services clippers. Someone who does both jobs is preferable as both are closely linked and compliment each-other.

Clippers should be stored in a dry and clean environment. When internal parts get rusty, a clipper funeral will be imminent.

The most important element of clipper care is blade care. Blades should be lubricated and cleaned regularly. The number one cause of quickened wear and tear is blades that are not lubricated. It takes extra energy for the clipper to drive dry blades, causing the wear cycle to accelerate. Over tensioning a blunt blade also has this effect. Blunt blades should be sent to a competent clipper blade sharpening company. They will come back tensioned properly, lubricated and sharp.

Taking the above steps will help maintain life of your clipper.

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