Don’t Buy Organic Food For Your Pet Until You Have Read This!

Healthy eating makes us happier through the way we feel. Providing your body with the nutrition it needs is important, it’s certainly not going to do it any harm. If you eat good foods you have lots of energy without the drop that comes from caffeine, chocolate etc. But, fortunately today I’m not going to lecture you about that, I’m going to tell you about the impact of healthy food on your pets.

Is organic pet food as beneficial as everyone says it is? People seem to be hooked on buying what they think is best for their pets because, (apparently) the Organic Pet Food Sales (OPFS) were up 63% last year and are actually,- believe it or not, growing at 3 times the rate of human organic food. Now whether, this is because it is farmers making sure that they can sell their livestock and other ‘produce’ as organic, I don’t know.

Don’t just go for things that say organic, it could just be a couple of natural ingredients and not actually balanced, because if you looked there’s a lot of money to be made in this market. It could be considered a goldmine, using adverts and careful word twisting to play on the hearts of the consumers. This can be shown by the fact that organic pet food is twice the amount of regular food, even though it means the producers doing LESS, it’s just crazy right?

A reason that buying pet food can be so popular, is due to the sophisticated marketing ploys marketers use on unsuspecting customers. If you take a look in your local pet store you will see many different brands of pet food all packaged in nice shiny boxes or bags all claiming that they are the best thing for your pet.

Some foods will state that they are organic but we have to be careful here as it is another marketing scheme to try and pull the wool over our eyes. Not all the ingredients in the box or bag of food are necessarily organic but because one or two items are they are labelled as organic or natural.

So before buying your pet food read the labels carefully. If you do not understand then ask a shop assistant to help you. Any reputable company will tell you exactly what is in their product without trying to hide misinformation from you. If they try and use excuses then simply go to another store.

Some experts say that there isn’t even any proof that organic food actually makes any health differences – why? As you need more than one particular type of food mixed together in order to give your pets the recommended nutrients they need. Professionals have cautioned pet owners to check with their local vet before switching to organic as a lot of the companies will just try to catch you out.

Some people choose to prepare their own food for their dog, cat, turtle, hamster and goldfish whatever… and as long as you know what your pet can’t have this is often the best choice. AS LONG AS, the ingredients you pay for are worth your while and don’t upset your pet’s stomach.

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