Need the Perfect Pet for Your Family? Try a Guinea Pig!

Yes, that’s right. Guinea pigs are perhaps the most perfect family pet that you can purchase. You might think that they are impersonal and unfriendly, but that is not the case. Guinea pigs love attention and the more they get, the happier they are. With time and patience, they can be taught tricks, potty trained and they will eventually be craving your attention with adorable little squeaks and whistles. Not only that but they love to be held and cuddled once they become comfortable in their surroundings.

Unlike many larger animals that require a ton of space and make it difficult to go away, guinea pigs do not. They are perfectly content living in a decked out cage or hutch. Of course, if you will get them out to run and play in your home – they will provide endless hours of fun as well. You just have to make sure that they are in a safe place where they cannot get into small holes or places where you couldn’t catch them. Additionally, they respond well to positive feedback and all you need to teach them things are some healthy treats designed just for them..

Of course, they do require care just like any other animal. It is important that they are fed properly and given high quality foods and fresh water. The foods are not very expensive to purchase and a little goes a long way. By supervising children, these little fun loving animals can be a great first pet teaching them the basics of how to care for an animal.

You will need to make sure that their cage stays clean at all times. This is another opportunity for children to learn the about pet ownership. But since they are kept in a cage most of the time, they will not damage your home or cause you any extreme cleaning or repairs.

The initial start up costs for one of these little furry balls of fun is around $150. This would include everything and more that you would need to make them comfortable. Since they love being indoors, you can easily keep them in your living room or child’s room where they would receive plenty of attention. They are lots of fun to watch and are extremely energetic creatures. At night, when you and the family requires some quiet time all you have to do is place a light sheet over their cage and they will normally sleep.

Guinea pigs are easy to care for. They are intelligent and very responsive animals that love attention. The more you play with them, the more attached to the people in their lives they will become. They are also docile and gentle by nature. Although they can bite or nip if threatened, once you gain their trust they will likely be sweet and loving animals that are safe for children.

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