Pet Nutritional Tips

Why supplement pet foods?

Any human nutritionists will tell you that a balanced diet for people should include foods from all basic food groups in order to maintain health and well-being. Unfortunately many people may still be deficient in key nutrients and research shows that supplementation is appropriate to meet the needs of most individuals.

Animal nutrition is very similar. Many commercial pet foods contain preservatives, artificial colors, carbohydrates, dyes, salt and animal by-products and may not provide the healthy diet your pet requires. More and more vets are recommending additional vitamins and minerals for dogs and cats of all ages. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet these supplements help maintain optimal health and meet nutritional requirements.

Nutritional deficiencies

Each pet has its own nutritional requirements that may not be met by commercial pet foods due to factors such as stress, obesity, illness, injury and air pollution. These types of factors leave the body deficient of vital nutrients and antioxidants. Pets need vitamins and nutrients in correct ratios for an optimal quality of life and to reduce the risk of many conditions and diseases.

When should I consider a supplement for my pet?

If you are concerned about a specific ailment, the best person for advice is your local vet. Your vet will be able to advise you on the underlying condition and appropriate treatment. Some of the most common issues that may be present to your beloved pet are as follows:

* joint pain March

* skin conditions

* dull or problem coats

* bad breath

* digestive complaints

* stress

* diarrhoea & dehydration

* obesity

* problems associated with old age

Supplements are available to help your pet overcome these issues. It is important to ensure that you choose the right product that will help with your pets specific issue that they are facing.

What should I look for in a supplement for my pet?

There is a vast array of vitamins and supplements available for pets and it can be confusing. When looking to select a vitamin or supplement do some research on the different products that are available and ensure they always contain the following benefits:

* a reputable company with a history in animal health

* clear product labelling

* scientific research which supports the claims made

Check with your vet if there are any specific problems that your pet is having. This way the exact supplements that are needed to accommodate your pets health will be provided to you.

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