Using Psychology To Easily Train A Dog

There are many ways to train a dog. Here we will explore the aspect of using psychology as a tool for canine training.

In order to have our dogs obey us, we must be able to teach him how to pay us respect. Most owners equate fear with respect, thus, they teach their dogs how to fear them without their respect. They use intimidation as a way to have their dogs obey them but this should not be so. Once dogs feel threatened, they might be forced to attack us in return, which is not a very desirable situation. Our dogs must learn to obey us because they love and respect us, not because they fear us.

So how do we train and discipline our dog, without the abuse?

First, and foremost, we must keep our dog in good physical condition. We must be able to provide them with foods that are of high quality to maintain their good health which will keep us from any unnecessary inconvenience brought about by a poor and sickly dog. Remember that healthy dogs are happy dogs and he would be more than willing to obey if when a dog is happy. Good food might be quite costly, but remember that cheap food could cost you just as much.

Secondly, reward your dog when he obeys your commands or behaves properly and accordingly. This will teach him that being good is highly valued. That way, he would choose to act or behave properly most of the time.

Thirdly, impose the proper discipline or punishment when he does something wrong so that he would be able to distinguish between right and wrong behavior. You need not kick or hit your dog to do this. Doing so would only mean abuse. Alternatively, you can verbal commands to indicate that what he is doing is wrong. It’s also possible to spray water on him in order to avoid him from engaging in something that isn’t nice. These are the right ways of punishing or correcting your dog.

Fourthly, do not leave your dog alone for a long or extended period of time. Dog think like small children do and are prone to do silly things that could get them into a lot of trouble. You must be present to correct or instruct them on what they could and could not do. If this is not possible, as when there would be no one else around to take care of them, you should leave them in a corralled area and provide them with something to occupy with such as toys and dental chews.

Dogs that are disciplined do not cost their owners too much worry and trouble. Their skills and intelligence bring their owners joy and happiness. To be able to raise them up like this, we need to train and correct them in the proper manner.

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