The Story Behind Discount Pet Meds

In 2009, M&S Money, a unit of HSBC group published a report citing 20% increase in the number of pet owners buying pet medication online. The reasons cited were lower costs and convenience. The discount pet meds epidemic is making its way to the US too. The National Council for Veterinary Economic Interests (NCVEI) has cited the consumer trend of purchasing prescription drugs online as a major reason for the financial failure of many pet meds or medicine sellers in the US.

The Little Known Truth Behind Discount Pet Meds

If you know the story behind discount pet meds, you will find buying American medication for your pets completely irrational. The story is as follows.

Same Medication as Human
Pets suffer from the same conditions as human beings. Therefore, they are prescribed the same drugs that cure humans. The only difference is the dosage which the vet administers according to the pet’s body weight. Now, since most drugs in US are patented and highly priced, people tend to buy generics from Canada. However, most people do not realize that they are buying the same drugs for their pets by paying the same price as they would have done for themselves. In short, it means that you can expect savings of up to 50% while buying discount pet meds from Canada because you are buying the same thing with a new name and packaging.

Why Generic Alternatives Available In Canada Are Cheaper?
The Canadian government seems more committed to the welfare of its citizens (and their pets too). While in the US the prices are determined by the free market which is completely supports the Big Pharma, the Canadian government acts as the sole buyer. This creates huge bargaining power as the government can single handedly make or mar the fortune of any pharma company. Furthermore, the government regulates the drug pricing for the sake of the common people. Canadian government has also ensured lower patent periods than the US by bringing all the kinds of drug into the realm of generics.

These two factors coupled together makes buying discount pet meds a no-brainer. It is pointless to pay premiums for brands and patents when the same prescription drugs are available through an online pharmacy at less than 50% of the costs.

Precautions before Buying Discount Pet Meds
Saving money by buying discount pet meds is a good idea. However, it is not a good idea to jeopardize your pet’s life while doing so. Exercise the same precautions when you buy these discount pet medicine like you do when you buy your own prescription drugs. All that you need to look for is a worthwhile seller and then you can effortlessly manage your savings.

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