Whoever Told You That Tomato Juice Was the Perfect Idea for Skunk Odor Removal?

Though they may be small and almost unassuming, once you get hit by them, you would have a tough time in figuring out about the best way of skunk odor removal.

Most creatures are afraid of skunks

Even though they are quite small and they are not exactly dangerous looking, these creatures have hardly any natural enemies. It is a natural sense that other animals have when it comes to staying away from skunks.

Most animals stay away from skunks as they have a natural instinct and they are extremely afraid to go even near them because of the chemical spray that is released. The only creatures that are known to go after skunks are coyotes, domestic dogs, horned owls and on some occasions, people. Predators even do their best to keep their babies as far away as possible from skunks.

Tomato juice works great to remove skunk odor on pets. Does it?

Perhaps you are one of those people who have heard that using tomato juice is what is called for when you want to remove the smell of a skunk from your pets. Well, you have been misled into thinking so and tomato juice is just not the right answer.

By treating your pet with tomato juice, you may feel that the smell has gone. But, just do this simple test and you will know the truth.

Call someone over to find out if your tomato juice skunk odor removal technique actually worked

All you have to do to find out if the tomato juice really had any effect at all is to invite someone over to your house, after you have treated your pet with the juice.

You know what they will tell you? Try this, “Is there a skunk dipped in tomato juice in the house?”

Do you know the reason for this?

Tomato juice has a smell that is really very powerful. When you are washing your pet with it, you will only be able to get the smell of the juice. You should understand this fact very clearly and know that this juice does nothing at all to get rid of that skunk smell. The smell is still there, irrespective of whether you can smell it or not.

Most of us all hope that we will never ever have to bear the ill effects of being hit by a skunk. But sometimes, such a situation just cannot be avoided. In such a case, it is important that you get an immediate remedy for skunk odor removal.

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