Why to Buy Online Pet Meds

If you ask anyone about what could be the possible reason behind the huge increase in purchase of online pet meds, most people would say price. However, the research conducted by the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI) proves a different point. The research statistics exhibit that approximately 65% (by volume) of the online pet meds purchased are preventatives and the price differentials are not significantly large. Furthermore, around 35% of all pet medications were purchased from online pharmacies. It is difficult to ignore the rising trend of buying pet meds online. Let us explore the real situation.

Online Pet Meds Are Cheaper

According to a survey conducted by CS Vets, a consultancy advising clients and veterinarians on pet care, an average pet owner spends 49 minutes of their productive time in visiting a vet. A large portion of this time is spent waiting in the lobby, which seems unproductive to most customers because they are missing work, therefore, work-related pay for this check up.

Veterinarians will ask you for a re-written prescription every time and charge a fee for it. Most of the times, these medications are preventatives for fleas and ticks. Also, it is mostly a repeat dose of the previous medication. Such consultation is not needed since the vet never attends the pet. It is an assistant who does the job and no real check up is conducted. Therefore, you end up paying a fee for re-writing prescriptions.

Online pet meds offer you refill services which are effortless. Instead of spending an hour getting bored in the vet’s lobby, a pet owner can set their prescription schedule and get the drugs shipped from an online pharmacy. Furthermore, pet owners do not have to remember the prescription schedule. The pharmacy will remind the customer each time a shipment is due.

Purchasing Online Pet Meds is Convenient

To give you a better idea about the convenience you can expect when you buy online pet meds, the prominent features have been listed down below. In addition to giving you reminders:

Order Anytime: You no longer have to spend your productive time waiting in queues. You can get a prescription approved from a vet for a long duration. After this, all you need to do is e-mail or fax it to an online pet store. They work 24×7. None of your time is lost. You have the flexibility of ordering at your will.

Delivery at Your Doorstep: Buying online pet meds means that you can expect the delivery to reach you in the committed time at your doorstep. You will find it in your mail, without spending any effort or money to reach a pharmacy and buy it.

Information about Pet Care: Most sellers of online pet meds will provide you with a monthly newsletter where pet lovers like you discuss how to maintain the well being of your pet. It is a great read for anyone interested in keeping pets and helps you take better care of them.

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