Four Tips to Soothe Your Pet’s Winter Arthritis

The winter season is cold, humid and generally yuki. As our animals get older with such weather conditions sore throat, joint pain. Since we can’t include an over-the-counter pain reliever in your diet (remember aspirin is potentially toxic to cats), here’s a list of four things you can do to help reduce their discomfort. Hey?

1. See your vet to see if prescription drugs will help.

2. Her favorite place to sleep is warm and soft. Small cats and dogs: lamb’s wool or substitute, everyone’s favorite sounds. Larger dogs tend to find foam clothing, such as water beds or egg crates, available at clothing stores.

3. Summer is great! Our pets are getting as difficult as thermoregulation. So provide a slow and continuous form of heat. A heating pad, reptile warmer, or an “official” Made-for-Pets warm bed option. Just make sure that there is enough insulation between the heat source and your pet and that the heat supplied is never hot for sensitive skin, no burns allowed!

4. Support these high places. You know, jumping on the couch or the bed, or even going up and down the stairs of older couples of all couples. Consider planning shallow steps to reach the sofa or bed. Following the steps will help to avoid slipping. And keep your home quiet too.

Providing tasteful warmth and cuteness will make your pet less cold and happier. A nice compensation.

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