A Veterinarian’s True Story

Not surprisingly, nutrition plays a very important role in health. Thousands of years ago, ancient physicians already knew that “your food must be medicine”. However, veterinarians in Western countries study hard. In harmony, they continue to spread their knowledge and deal with all kinds of animal diseases. This method works well for most pets, but as with all systems there are exceptions. Exceptions come to me as animals that suffer from certain skin allergies and immune problems that do not respond to various Western treatments aimed at alleviating their suffering.

After a few weeks of researching other possible protocols for these patients, I attended a meeting of distinguished veterinarians at the Chi Institute of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Gainesville. In this meeting, I brought some of my most difficult and endless problems, and my friends advised me to test these problems with raw foods. I breathed in “raw food test”. “You always come back to these things!” They said, “Look outside the box!” I did and what I learned.

The pet food movement began as a need to provide busy people with balanced and comfortable nutrition for their pets. These sausage-based new comfort foods are proteins and carbohydrates that mostly come from grains. I have looked at modern dogs, cats and rodents and found that although these animals have changed over the years from a specific breed, their digestive system has not changed to a great extent such as wolves, wild cats and rodents. So what did the ancestors of these animals eat?

Fact 1: Wolves do not know how to cook or cook on the stove. They eat raw meat.

Fact 2: Wolves have never worn John Deere’s hat – and I have never seen a cat or ferret driving a boat or tractor. Therefore, with the exception of occasional workshops in cereal fields, most wild animals are not dependent on food grains.

Fact 3: Many wild animals eat plants as the stomach contents of their hunted animals, and they are usually herbivores

Fact 4: Cooking is a chemical process in which food is heated. This heating process turns food into a main form of supplementation. Think of steak on the grill. It changes color, doesn’t it? This color is the result of a chemical process in which some chemical bonds are broken and others are added. In the end, food changes a lot and becomes something new – which may not be ideal for my most vulnerable patients.

I left Gainesville this month with the challenge of putting my worst in raw foods to the test and finding out what happened. very nice! The first bald dog had hair three weeks later. I was ecstatic. I have tried it again in more and more patients with similar results. A month later, the mouth was filled with raw crows. I was stunned by my previous suspicions and called two of my public friends to apologize for my comments on the call. It seemed that I was now one of them! Then I changed my name to “Al Ducaster” and started recommending this “new” raw food to all my customers. In the end, he used this “new” treatment to treat patients. Why not use the same diet to keep people healthy.

I have found many recipes for raw diets, but many of them have failed 1) without a wolf test on protein and carbohydrates and 2) not eating grains. Kimith R. After much research. Read Schultz’s book ‘Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats, The Ultimate Diet’, which used it and presented CCN, AHI. The book contains some of the best recipes, but I have found that the lifestyle of some owners is not very good for preparing food for their pets. This is where Keith and Kyle’s “Natural Raw Diet” comes from. Keith D. Serve fresh, high-quality raw food according to the original recipe from Schulte’s book. it was very nice! Now, I have not only been able to help people who have animals on their hands for a long time and have rashes on their own, but I can also help provide the best pet food for busy people with ease I can do it Thanks Keith!

Many years have passed since the days of awakening. Since then, I have expanded traditional Western practices to include other holistic therapists and acupuncture, herbal, energy and sound therapies to help my patients. I believe that balancing the approach of using Western medicine with modern and ancient oriental medicine can only help in achieving a favorable medical outcome.

East and West, ying / yang, healthy pets, happy people – balanced now!

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